Please remember by supporting this event and the American Cancer Society, you are accomplishing much more than simply financing our mission. You are making it possible to keep moving toward a world where cancer does not take our loved ones before their time. 

My loved ones inspire me to finish the fight. I will always remember my mother-in-law Joyce Chatz who passed too soon at age 57 from breast cancer. My cousin, David Radman, left us at an exceptionally young age from melanoma. Their legacy will be associated with the day we find the cure. 

I personally give to the Chicago Select Golf Invitational to honor Michelle Whiteside, a dear friend who is currently fighting hard against metastasized non-smokers lung cancer. My lovely step mother-in-law, Sandy Chatz, is courageously battling T Cell Lymphoma and recently underwent a stem cell transplant. These beautiful people are relying on our mission, and we cannot fail them. 

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I ask you to share why you support. Please contact Cailie Furlong at to share your story, photos and most importantly by partnering with us as a sponsor for the 2020 event. We'll see you on the course and celebrate ending this disease.


Keith Bank


American Cancer Society, Inc.

225 N Michigan Ave., Suite 1200

Chicago, IL 60601

Medinah Country Club

6N001 Medinah Rd. 

Medinah, IL 60157